Hi from north Texas, fairly new chicken owner here ready to introduce my 2 new white silkies to my 4 golden sex links in our new coop and run.


Dec 3, 2021
Hi from north Texas, I am a fairly new chicken owner/lover since last easter time. We got 4 golden sexlinks then and recently got 2 white silkies. We just had a run made for them and put a new coup in it so we can move the Goldens out of the barn (they free range most days but we put in coop n barn at night) and we have been raising the silkies inside our house til they were big enough to go outside. Well......its time!!! When Ive had the silkies and Goldens outside together watching how they interact they mostly stay away from and ignore each other. I just don't want my baby silkies getting hurt since they are smaller. We were going try to let the silkies stay in the coop tonight and see how they do by themselves before putting them all together in coup overnight. Im sure I will be on here a lot with lots of questions!

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