Hi from north Texas, fairly new chicken owner here ready to introduce my 2 new white silkies to my 4 golden sex links in our new coop and run.


Dec 3, 2021
Welcome to BYC. Monitor the integration closely as silkies frequently have problems being accepted by an established flock of large fowl.
I have read that so Ive been watching them in the daytime around our deck area. The golden's have just kind of been staying away from the silkies and same thing for the silkies. So last night I let the silkies sleep in the new coop and my husband put the Goldens back in our barn where we have been keeping them til we are ready to let them all be together in the new coop and run. My husband just now installed a cameral in the coop for tonight because I was worried about the silkies since it was their first time outside in the new coop. Do you think they will all be ok left in the coop together at night since they don't pick on the silkies during the day so far?

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