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WE have had a couple laying chickens I loved that succumbed to the heat recently Molly and Hanna ,and I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. Our backyard pets include a white broad breasted turkey names hank, 2 Peking ducks Abby and Missy , a African goose Max, bantam chicken Sam .. and We allso have a African Grey Parrot Rex, Cockatiel Jax, and a wild Crackle ( like a brown Crow) Lucky ,I found and raised as a hatching with Sam our chicken they are inseparable and Lucky our crackle doesn't seem to want to leave ..LOL
WE really want to get some new hand raised laying hens but decided to build them a new seperate coop. since the original clan is used to their current area ( they even have their own pool) I prefer the chickens to ducks they seem much more personal and less messy. But Hank our turkey is very smart and affectionate. we have had all our animals since they were just a few days old . I'd like to learn more about keeping chickens so we don't loose anymore .. WE have a great pet and feed store close to our house Pratts pets and feed where we bought them all except Rex the African Grey and of course our sweet dog, the guardian of all .Looking forward to building a new coop and getting some new chickens soon .
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Lots of information in the Learning Center. If you go to "where am I, where are you," in the social forum you can find and post on your state thread. I knew one person who lived in Phoenix had air conditioning in their coop. People living there can tell you best how to help the chickens handle the climate. I know they need lots of shade, real or man made, lots of cool, water.
Some people use hose 'misters," or fans in the coop (protected from chickens - moving air feels cooler even though it doesn't reduce the temperature.

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