Hi from rural England in need of chicken advice


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May 27, 2011

Well this looks a fun, interesting site with plenty of tips.

We are a crazy family of four with dogs and horses and are about to move and set up a small holding. The first thing we want to do is home some chickens to add to the crazy gang. We like the sound of Silkies and Orpingtons - can you mix the breeds or do you have to keep them separate... Don't laugh I really am a beginner in the world of chickens but as keen as mustard. Any tips, advice or random facts are keenly awaited by response. Have fun x
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People mix breeds all the time, I have several. But sometimes you do run into problems mixing bantams and large fowl, particularly Silkie bantams. Are the Silkies bantams where you live? I know Silkies can be large fowl but they are unusual here; what about there?

You could try making a new thread in Managing your Flock.

I am a newbie and in the UK too, I have found lots of really helpful people here so u have definitely come to the right place. My advice would be to get a good book, I have just bought the Haynes Chicken Manual from Amazon and it's really good.
Good luck with your venture.
from Alabama. Our Buff Orpingtons are in with other breeds & they get along with everyone. We do keep our Silkies & other bantams separated from the bigger chickens, but that's more because it's what works for us. Good luck

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