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Mar 4, 2010
Hi, I am new to this website. I grew up in a small town in Riverside County where we had all kinds of livestock, including horses, chickens, goats, ducks, cows, etc. My family and I now live in the San Bernardino Mountains in SoCal and have decided to raise chickens for eggs and also for our children to be exposed to raising and caring for animals other than our dogs. Having chickens is one of the ways we are trying to control what we consume and have altered what we eat due to the many chemicals and artificial sweeteners and such that is added to everyday food. It takes us forever to do our grocery shopping because we are now more label-conscious. I do sell my extra eggs that I have but need to do some research as far as how many chickens I can have on my property legally. We don't have any roosters and we plan to keep it that way. The girls make enough noise when they are laying as it is. We have RIRs, BRs, Australorp and Brown Leghorns right now, and I have also ordered some Cuckoo Marans. We keep our girls coop clean and when it isn't snowing or raining, we let them free range but only we were are home, due to the threat of coyotes or mountain lions coming over the fence to have a chicken dinner.

So that is a little about us.

4-H chicken mom

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Aug 3, 2007
Oberlin, OH
from Ohio. Well you can't do any better than fresh eggs. They are lower in cholesterol.

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