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May 16, 2012
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Ok.. Funny story.. I wanted my name to be "jstreeboo" but my autocorrect has dubbed me "just reebok" instead. Soon.. Ahahahhah... I will just always in my head say "re-BAWK" hahahah.
Live in good ole Cola, SC. Just starting to seriously look into adding a couple hens to our family. Researching breeds, looking at chicken tractor plans, talking to a couple other owners here in the midlands.. Just trying to learn as much as possible. Hubs and I have 4 kids ages 7 years to 5 months. 2 dogs, 2 cats. Would love to let them range the yard, but we also have a number hawks in the area.. Thinking tractor style might be our best bet.
Any advice on breeds that are good layers and ok with kids, or coops, etc is very welcome! I am going to dive in now and keep reading!
. If you really want the other User name you can PM a Moderator for a new name change
Hello and :welcome

That is pretty funny. My autocorrect is always doing weird things to my sentences :lau
As Kevin said you can get a change if you really want to.

As for breeds, sex links (red or black) are great layers and pretty friendly/hearty breed. Buff orps are good with kids. Good luck, whatever you decide to get! You can browse for coop ideas in the Coops section at the top of the page ^^

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D
Oh, I love/hate auto correct. Sometimes it's handy though.
Welcome ReBaaawk ! So Many great breeds to choose from and so many great producers.. Some Larger Birds like Jersey Giants can peck very Hard I have one that breaks my skin from time to time .. They probably are not the best with little ones and if you don't intend to eat them I wouldn't suggest them. When choosing I would consider what color and size Eggs your hoping for , my kids and grands like the silly chickens and bantams for fun.. But for true production I Love the Rhode Island Reds .. Personal choice. Luckily I do not have to be that selective so I have several different breeds .. Unless trying to take an Egg from them , My Kids and Grand kids have never had a problem with any Breed.. And as far as them being very friendly and to like to be handled by kids I think that comes from handling them a lot and giving them treats as you raise them .. I think you and your family will truly enjoy them !
HAWKS !!! Grrrrrr.... a real issue for sure, I have several Free Range Chickens and Kids watching a Hawk swooped right down and destroyed a bantam hen right in front of them !!! You can use Plastic owl Decoys to intimidate them but even moving the Owl around eventually they seem to catch on .. My Grand kids Scream like Owls when ever they see a hawk swooping to close as I told them Hawks are afraid of owls ! I encourage this as I think the noise is what keeps them back ; ) Hope you enjoy your Chickens as much as I do !!

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