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    After bringing home 2 chicks from the Henny Penny Program(at my siblings' school), losing one of them, then buying a day old pullet(this time a healthy one, not one that had been ''accidently mishandled by one of the children'') to keep our lone chick company, my mum and I(I'm 21 this year and still living at home, btw, with 5 younger siblings and a new one due September this year [​IMG] , joys of being self employed with your partner and having parents who would rather have extentions on the house then see their chickies leave the nest [​IMG] ) decided that we'd like to give breeding silkies a go(we have bred muscovy ducks before, and have also had ex battery hens, so not completely new to poultry, but it's been awhile!)...

    So now we have a purebred splash silkie roo(Splash), a mixed variety undecided gender chooken(Red), 2 what I am almost 90% sure are pullets silkie x pekins(Silver/Blue who is more silkie, and a black with light brown hackle/neck feathers who is more pekin), 1 what I am almost 95% certain is a roo white silkie x pekin who looks more silkie, 1 Australaup(sp?) x 8 week old pullet and 1 RIR x 8 week old undecided(most likely roo as it's from the HPP, but looks like we may be a pullet [​IMG] . I say undecided because Splash is the only one who has made his gender known, the others are around 4-5 months old(the silkie x pekins were sold to us as pol, but there ain't been no layin' for the past 3 1/2 weeks [​IMG] and Red came from the same place Splash did, but s/he was given to us, we(the breeder included, excellent lady, lovely to talk to) knew what we *could* have been taking home [​IMG] ) and have not laid or crowed, so I am sourcing as much info I can on gendering older birds! I know pictures would be a great help, but I am extremely slack, must take some and then upload them(and try to get some good headshots instead of just amusing photos!!!)in the right thread!!!

    Sooo...Looking forward to talking with you all, and hearing about the amusing things your flocks do, and the small things that your chooks do to make you smile. My fave. thing at the moment is hearing Splash crow. I love it, and feel like a proud mother would feel about her child's milestones!

    Edited to add that the white silkie is x'ed pekin
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    Welcome to BYC! This site is good wholesome entertainment. and a whole lot of valuable information!
    (I understand your parent's desire to keep their flock at home...but I still have the teenage years to go through... I may change my mind by then.)
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    [​IMG] from Texas! USA
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    Hi there and [​IMG] From dowm in chilly Melbourne. Great to see another new Aussie join the ranks.

    I see you already found the Australian thread [​IMG] Hope you enjoy the site.

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    [​IMG] and [​IMG], I am glad you decided to join. Having chickens is so much fun. I love to see my chickens running towards me when I get the feed bucket out. They are amusing. Enjoy your new adventure. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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