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May 22, 2012
I live in South Australia. I have seven ducks/ drakes and one chicken. Three of my ducks/drakes are Khaki Campbells and four are Muscovys. My chicken is a silkie frizzle cross. My sister has 31 chickens/roosters. I have grown up with chickens. It's good to be on here. I am here to learn.

Welcome to Backyard Chickens!

Now I'll just pretend that you're not sitting two metres away from me and sniggering...

And might I mention that Snowball (the Sizzle) is in with my chooks and has been raised chiefly by yours truly?

I'm glad you finally joined - I was thinking up a witty comment to make somewhere about you not wanted to join because you think chickens are *EVIL* and the name being 'chickens' and why was it called 'chickens' rather than 'poultry' when I claimed there were lots of ducks on here... Or am I just paraphrasing the conversation we just had?

Anyway, check out these two threads:

They're the Australian socialisation ones.

from your super-cool big sister,
And a big Welcome from the rest of the flock! Glad you joined us!
Rachel96, Snowballs' name is Sherbet and I have given it emotional support, food and I paid for it.
I see. *Raises Eyebrow*.

And what's with suffixing my name with '96'? Yes, I know it's my username, but...

And yes, you're right. You *are* completely insane.

She just said the verbally, peoples. And then she went on to say, "I've been there every time it needed me! Except that time it was eaten by a fox..."

Just to let you know, Snowball was never eaten by a fox. In fact, she's quite happily enjoying her new coop right now. Read this thread https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/667924/new-coop-and-yard if you don't believe me.

from Rachel.
I was being sarastic about beig insane. I wil have you know I am perfectly sane.
Love the run by the way. The pond is great for my ducks. I don't think your chickns will be big fans of the pond though.
Your awesome litte sister
I don't know... some of those chooks may just be crazy enough to like the pond.

Perfectly sane, hmm? Say that to someone who hasn't been listening to you singing "Richard the Third" in different funny voices all afternoon.

Awww... thanks for the e-hug!

from Rachel.
I am perfectly sane and it was all the same voice.
I am saner than the chooks that try to swim.
That's okay.

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