Hi from South Central Nebraska


9 Years
Jun 14, 2010
Hi everyone, we live on a small farm in Nebraska. We have been raising poultry for 7 years. It started with a 4H project for the kids and now the whole family is enjoying it. We have only 3 mature turkeys - we keep losing them - but about 20 poults. We also have about 15 laying hens, several roosters, and about 35 pullets. When we started with poultry we had bronze turkeys and a variety of fancy chickens for showing. We now have two beautiful Narraganset toms that visitors think are attack turkeys. They are actually very friendly and curious and want to follow us everywhere. All our poultry is free range. We have one Narraganset hen, and maybe one sitting in the windbreak, she hasn't shown up recently. We also seem to have acquired a wild hen, she seems to like our boys. The poults are Narraganset, Black Spanish, and Royal Palm. The pullets are Aracauna. Our laying hens are a mixture of Aracauna, leghorn, black majorka, plymouth rock, wyandotte, cochin, dorking, and faverolles. Some have interbred, but most have not. We sell eggs to a few people. We also have a few cows and 8 horses. The birds really keep the insects under control, and provide hours of entertainment for everyone.

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