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Sep 19, 2013
We purchased our first chicks in March of this year (2013). A friend who had purchased a few at Easter for his children gave us a couple to add to the bunch. They were appx. 3 weeks older than the others. In April, we added two Sexlink pullets and what we were told was a Barred Rock pullet. We now have 25 to include some Buff Orps, RIR, 2 Sexlinks, 1 "Barred Rock", and 2 gray beauties (given to us- they are a mix of?) and found our first two eggs yesterday! (yay!) We built a chicken house (finishing a door and top this weekend in prep for cooler weather) and run with plenty of room. I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the info that we have gleaned from BackyardChickens.com and look forward to sharing more-- and learning more with you all!!

Blessings! :)

Welcome to BYC
That's a nice looking coop!
Thanks, Elizabeth!
It has been a work in progress. We hope to close in the top and add the door this weekend. This has really be a wonderful adventure all the way around. Love the chicks!
Blessings! :)
put some 1/2" hardware cloth around the perimeter from ground to about 18" high to prevent predators from snagging body parts thru the fence and eating them off on the spot.

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