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Jul 16, 2011
Good morning BYC!

I've been lurking about the message boards for months and decided it was finally time to introduce myself (and the rest of the family).

We are new, new, NEW to chickens. I ordered 24 from MPC in July and they arrived in August. We lost 2 initially but the remaining are thriving! I have EEs, BRs, BJGs, Australorps, RIRs, Doms and a few mixed Bantams (polish I believe). I have three human children (Boy-14, Boy-12, Girl-9), 1 human husband (who would appreciate me NOT mentioning his age), 1 English Mastiff, 1 Pueblan Milk Snake, 1 Hermit Crab, 8 mini-lop/lionhead rabbits (BIG oops on the part of the sexer at the pet shop) and 1 Turtle. We are a military family and have finally been stationed somewhere long enough to have animals. I tell DH, "you can transfer but the kids, animals and me are staying put!" We are planning another barn this Spring for my daughters horses, she's been riding since she was 4.

DH, the kids and I have been working on the coop for the past 2 months. Currently the girls are in a 6' baby pool brooder in the basement. They've gotten so big, we absolutely HAVE TO finish the coop this weekend! I'm a bit particular (poor DH) and it's been a much longer process than either one of us imagined. Once able to do so, I will post pictures of the "chicken mansion" in progress.

I'm so thankful to have had all of you as a resource the past few months! I hope to someday have as much "chicken-know-how" as you all!
Welcome to the forum!

Congratulations on embarking on the great chicken adventure. It sounds like it is a great project for the whole family. No more transfers
Welcome to BYC! I got chicks in July and they sure do grow fast. Currently waiting (not so patiently) for DH to finish the coop. We moved the babies to the garage two weeks ago as they simply could no longer move about in their brooder box. Good luck and here's hoping your coop is done soon! Be sure to post some pictures!
Sounds like your off to a great start! First off... Welcome to BYC! I hear you about the getting hubby to finish the coop. It took us 2 months to do ours but it was worth it. Now on to the duck, turkey, guinea, peacock, ect pens. lol

Hang in there and we would love to see pics when it is done!

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