Hi from Sweden


10 Years
Oct 4, 2009
Yes, there are chicken crazy people all over the world
and I´m one of them. I´m 29 and have chickens since about a year. They are a mixture of old-fashioned Swedish farm-breeds from my area, nothing fancy for sure. Calm and cold tolerant small birds, which lay not too many off-white eggs and breed a lot, but I still love them.
My interest in poultry genetics and how I can improve some of the characteristics of my flock with planned breeding are my main reasons for being here. So I guess you can expect some strange worded questions from me
please bear with me, it´s been a long time since typing anything advanced in English and it seems I need to upgrade my vocabulary with some more chicken related words.
WELCOME!!!! You will Love this site. I learn something new every day! I have nine ducks and five chickens but want more. This site will NOT help you get over a Chicken Addiction!
Welcome! Everyone will want to see pictures of your flock. What do chickens in Sweden look like?
Thanks for the warm welcome
I guess I already love this active community and it´s really good to know that there are others with a chicken addiction. No way I would want to get over that addiction
I want to enjoy and celebrate it.
Well, what do chickens look like in Sweden. Mmm they look like... look like... chickens.
I´ll post some pictures of my flock when I find out how to do so. Which can take a while, probably.
Welcome from middle Tennessee. We are truly addicts around here. Need a 12 point program to manage the addiction. Can't believe my husband hasn't put a stop or halt on expansion. Enjoy this site, it is truly educational and fun.

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