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Ok, so I'm a little slow!
I've been a member on here for a little while, and have used your site extensively for help for the last two years since "accidentaly" becoming a backyard chicken farmer! Three years ago I moved onto a horse farm and after about a year chickens from across the road started coming in my yard- first attracted by birdseed, but I really have a great yard for free range chickens and I think they liked the fact there are no dogs roaming the yard. First I put water out for them, then started feeding them and the rest is history!

I started out with three road Island red hens, one bantam(?) and a rooster. They would come to my yard and hang out all day, then go back across the street at night. Then the hens started laying in my yard and garage, and the rooster got hit (not killed, but hurt badly) and while we nursed him back to health, the hens started staying in our yard at night, and when he got better they never left. The hens are not always cooperative about whwere they lay there eggs, and i have had a few clutches hatch out as a result- so what started out as something cool that provided eggs for us and a natural fertilizer and pest control has turned into 15 hens of laying age (including the original four which I have no idea how old they are) The one rooster(he is the best ever), and about 40 chicks ranging in age from just hatching out to about 4 months! I now sell the eggs we dont eat, and since we have become overrun with little ones, I sell what I can of them as well. Although I have become very attached to a few of the ones I have hand raised and dont think I will sell them as planned. Could go on for hours about my chicks- love them, and I am very fascinated by their behavior and personality.

Little bit of info about the rest of my life_ born and raised in fl in the country- had chickens when I was a kid, always loved animals. WOrked for 12 years as a small animal hospital vet tech, the last six as a farm hand, then barn manager. Currently living on a horse farm that is closed, maintaining the property, taking care of my horses, dogs, chickens, husband, 18 year old son, and trying to start my own animal care business. As if that wasnt enough, I am an avid gardener as well.

Found BYC by doing a search, and tell everyone I know that has chickens about it!

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