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Mar 12, 2018
Hi. Sorry for bad english (google translate) I'm from Turkey. i am a fisherman
No flying feathers in my country. There is no paypal agreement in Turkey. I can not buy flying feathers.I want to get my own cock. Guiding me for genetic eggs?
Hi from Turkey! We don't fish but some of our birds (which are all crosses) we have been told have feathers good for fly fishing. I do love to search the web so here are some links that might give you more information.
IHGF - International Hackle Growers Federation
We have had and now have a roo with the nice red barred feathers, but nothing like the length of feathers. He's a cross with about 10 different breeds. We got the red barring by using a red hen who had Buff Orphington and Rhode Island Red in her ancestry with a black barred roo and have kept the red barring going in subsequent crosses.
Broos 7.JPG
shown in that last link
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