Hi from Wales UK


6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
Wales uk
Hi everyone,
I've been lurking a bit on here and trying to learn as much as I can but felt a little rude so thought I'd introduce myself
We've made use of a wasted space in our garden that used to be an aviary added more wire to make it (fingers crossed) fox proof again and I built a flat packed coop from amazon.
We've got just two little POL Dutch Bantams, Chelsea & Henrietta at the moment (given by a generous friend) but hoping to add to flock soon. We've also got a little Border Terrier, Maisie & a hamster.
DH said no to getting chickens originally but even he is enjoying their little antics already! We have a little boy who keeps thanking me for 'his' chickens, and couldn't wait to tell his teacher all about them (even though he forgot their names when asked) :lau
Well that's about it I think so hello from me in Wales, any Dutch Bantam tips or pointers on mixing bantams with other chickens would be much appreciated.
Thank you for what seems to be a very helpful and friendly site.
I think if you put "Dutch bantams," in the search box it may lead you to a thread about them.
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