Hi from Washington!


8 Years
Jan 8, 2012
Hello! I'd like to say that I've known about this site for a very long time, but I've only just joined. My mother was a former member-In fact, many of the veteran members will have known her-And I've decided to take up her mantle, so to speak, as a poultry farmer. Of course, technically I have, seeing as I've had chickens my entire life, but I'm mostly here to learn about the chickens I do have.

I currently have about 40 chickens, but I know only a few of their breeds. My favorite, if I dare to even pick favorites, is a little Polish hen.

I'm terrible at introductions, I apologize, but I look forward to perusing the site and learning more about poultry, and of course meeting some of you!
Hello !
from another in Washington State glad you joined us!
from Washington, too!

When I first had chickens my favorite also was my Polish hens, - Which got me now into spending a lot of money for a lot of crazy neat colored Polish

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