Hi from West Wales UK


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Hi Everyone

My name is Tracy I live with my partner, our horses, dogs, chickens and animal on the West Coast of Wales, we kepy around 150 chickens a few years ago breeds included Cochins, Ko Shamo, pekins, Wyandottes and welsummers. we recently got back into keeping chickens a few months ago when we moved to a smallholding in Wales and bought some layers for our own eggs and a trio of Faverolles, one of my favourite breeds.
Recently by chance I came across the Showgirls and was besotted with them and after weeks of searching I finally found someone qho let me have a3 younsters, I also bought some Transilvanian naked necks from very good exhibition lines and presently looking for some nice silkies as I would like to start a showgirl project and see how we get on, would like to think one day we are breeding some nice examples and then hopefully in time they may become recognised in the UK.
I have added some photos of my chickens


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