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    Sep 3, 2008
    Hello everyone! [​IMG] I moved from Buffalo to a more rural area five years ago and have decided to try my hand at raising a small flock of hens for the fresh eggs. I picked up eight newly hatched chicks from a local feed store at the end of April and have been busy all summer building and improving on their coop and yard. Before their coop was ready enough for them to live in, I used a large plastic tote and a heat lamp in the basement for them. I put them out in the coop at six weeks old. They are now 18 weeks old and I got my first eggs this past Sunday, and three more today. My hens are Golden Reds, and lay very nice and delicious brown eggs.
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    * Hiya; Welcome to BYC. Sounds like you are doing good by "the kids".[​IMG]
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    Welcome, KingFisher, and congratulations on your ladies & their efforts on your behalf! [​IMG]

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