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Jul 12, 2021
Hi there!

I am Hailey from western Illinois! My fiancé and I have just received our 3 serama chicks, and are IN LOVE! We are also first time serama chicken raisers!
We had a handicapped chick a few months ago, she was born with her leg joints backwards, after vet visits, various wheelchair assemblies and exceeding efforts, she passed away ☹️

Since then, we have researched and researched and wanted to have indoor chickens and fell in love with seramas!

we wanted to join to read forums, get advice, and learn all about chickens! Thank you all for willing to share your stories! We are in this together doing our best for our chicks!

Attached is a pic of our babies. ❤️
(From left to right; Butters, Winnie, Tux)


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Sep 18, 2018
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Sorry to hear that you lost a baby, but you sure have three cuties!

It's likely some folks will tell you that it's not good idea to have indoor chickens. I am not one of those people.

I have an accidental "house hen" who takes field trips outdoors but much prefers her indoor kennel and will let me know when she's had enough outdoor time by jumping onto the deck railing and waiting to be let back in. When I was a kid, we had parakeets and a mynah bird in the house, so this doesn't seem much different to me. (Except none of them gave us eggs!)

This is a great group of smart and generous people who will be happy to guide and support you on your chicken-raising adventures. Welcome to BYC!

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