Hi I accidentally got my self isa brown yikes ):

Aug 21, 2020
Hi a month ago I went to get more chicks from tractor co supply even tho I bought chicks before I still wanted more so I did not know most breeds I saw they isa brown I thought they were normal chickens BUT after doing research I found out that they only LIVE 2 years): they can get prolapse and other system also heard they are super nasty to other breeds and has a higher risk to cannibalism than most I also heard they die from feather moth When they do hard and I don’t know what to do. Do you have any recommendations to help them live a longer life.
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Aug 21, 2020
It was my understanding that they may only lay for 2 years. I could be wrong. After that they’re just pets.
No I’m syaing they only LIVE for 2 years and I did not know there were known for cannibalism and they are none for prolapse and chicken lay from 6 years


Jul 14, 2020
Tulip Town, WA
I have 4 isa browns and while it is true that they can stop laying after a shorter period of time, they can live relatively long lives as pets. They can be more prone to reproductive issues because they are hybrids but YMMV. Temperament to other breeds can vary just as much as it can with any chicken; a Buff Orpington has just as much propensity to be mean to a newcomer. It is all individual personalities. Never heard of the feather moth. Mine are very sweet, very inquisitive, and very friendly to me and my husband.


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May 5, 2020
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This is a myth.
All the production hybrids are bred to produce early and crank an egg out daily. In the commercial egg production outfits, they are usually switched out every 2 years. In the backyard situation they can and do live many years. A friend has one who is 7 and still lays an egg now and then. Be happy with your chicks, take good care of them and they will reward you with lovely large eggs!:)


Apr 13, 2017
I would like to chime in with my experience with ISA Browns. I got 7 chicks in spring 2017, and today I have none of them left. They all died from reproductive issues or other internal issues (cancer, organ failure). They only lived 2-3 years. So while some DO live longer, some may not. My advice is to care for them as best you can, providing them with a good quality of life as you would any other breed of chicken. Most important is good diet (no scratch or VERY little). Also, oyster shell year round and extra supplements during molt. I absolutely loved my ISA Browns, they had such unique personalities. But I would not get them again. The extra production is just too hard on their bodies. Just raise your chicks, promote their health as best you can, and appreciate all the time you have with them, no matter how short or long this may be.

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