Hi! I'm excited to finally be here!


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7 Years
Nov 13, 2012
My name is Lisa, and I raise Cuckoo, Wheaten, Black, and Black Copper French Marans (chocolate color eggs) with a few other colors thrown in for good measure, and Cream LegBars (blue eggs), and a few Americanas (green layers), and one Langshan that lays ivory color eggs. Oh, and one breeding pair of black and white fluff balls (Bantams).

I'm in Bryan, Texas, and can't wait till the pulletpalooza this weekend, as we've signed up to be a "tour coop"
We are even giving the girls a fresh floor of sand for the occasion.

I hope to meet lots of you that day, and plan to try to get to others' coops as well.

I, too, love a very colorful egg basket.
Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun touring your coop at the pulletpalooza this weekend.
(Wish we had one in our area!)
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan
Greetings from Kansas, Lisa, and
! So glad you joined our community! I only have a couple marans (cuckoos), but I sure love their looks and the brown eggs are cool! I wish you the best with your flock!!

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