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  1. Hi I'm from Denver, Colorado. I live in unincorporated Adams County, just above the City of Denver. Even though the City of Denver has granted residents the right to own backyard chickens, we in unincorporated Adams County are not allowed, so we're now an underground movement trying to change the laws to permit chickens in residential Adams County.

    If you are interested in helping change the law and live in Adams County, Colorado, please message me back so that we can get this ball rolling!
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    Welcome to BYC, and good luck at getting those laws changed.
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    Welcome to BYC from Florida
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    I am currently working on this issue in Aurora. We have a lot of leverage because cities in Colorado have been changing laws in favor of legalizing chickens over the past few years. It's ridiculous that adjacent cities and sometimes cities within the same county can have differing laws on an issue like this. I am currently building a "case" that I plan on submitting to my City Council in the next few months. That is how you get a local law changed. Email me and we can swap notes.



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