Hi I'm in North East Texas, Timpson to be exact.. Don't blink you'll miss it!


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7 Years
May 15, 2012
Timpson, TX 75975
Hi, from my Lil Chicky Coop . So I was thinking a while back that I wanted some baby chicks, but nowhere to house them. So guess I'll have to build me a Lil Chic key Coop. My journey begins, I searched the net and found BYC and here I am.

I searched through all the info and decided I needed a plan for my Lil Chickie Coop so I found one I liked and ordered it and am in the process of finishing it up.
Ordered my first chicks from Ideal Poultry the Surprise Special (pullets only) They are a week old today. I posted pictures in What Breed or Gender or These. Whatever they turn out to be they are wonderful little Chicky's. I am so happy with my Chickie's and to have found BYC.

Would like to know of any swaps or sales of chickens in my area. Thanks

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