May 3, 2021
Hello all! I'm a new to chickens, forums, and threads! šŸ™‚ I have already posted a couple lengthy contributions, but nonetheless, I'd like to share that I am new to BYC and to chicken keeping since late April of this year when I aquired 4 Brown sex link hens and an EGLU Cube MK2. I have ALWAYS wanted chickens, and finally having them has really been a joyful experience for me. They are funny, sweet, full of personality, comicly frustrating,
and very rewarding. My favorite ritual recently is "chicken time" where I go out in the evenings and let my chickens out of their back gate (about 30 minutes before their bedtime) and let them scratch in our yard. I sit, watch them, think about the day, how I can make their lives better, sometimes have a glass of wine, sometimes invite a friend to join me, sometimes not. My family gives me space during this time to be with my hens and unwind. I never thought watching my hens would be the most rewarding part of keeping chickens, but it is!! The eggs are just a bonus, and I really enjoy sharing the eggs with other people... It makes me happy and the people that receive them are always so grateful. Win - win! I have kids and a spouse, who is very supportive of my new hobby, and a largish dog who is completely intimidated by my flock šŸ˜‚. I enjoy cooking sometimes, reading and generally keeping to myself, which may be a why I share profusely here? I was familiar with BYC before joining as I have wanted chickens for years but the time was never right, and would informally read posts and information to kind of vicariously learn about how to keep chickens. Thanks for the patience, knowledge and comraderie!

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