Hi, I'm Lenny!


Jul 28, 2021
Hi everyone, I'm Lenny and I don't really live in a swamp. However I do have a pond with a marsh.

I'm fairly new to chickens and ducks, we just started our flock in March, they are just starting to lay.

(2) I currently have 5 chickens and 9 ducks. We started off with 7 chickens, but unfortunately we lost 2 of our hens to a hawk.

(3) The breeds we have are leghorns, Rhode island red, Red Sexlinks, and a Silver Sebright Bantam.

(4) So far my favorite part of having chickens would be watching their interactions with my kids and seeing the different personalities they have.

(5) Some of my other hobbies include raising ducks and rabbits, bushcraft, hiking, and anything outdoors.

(6) I have 4 children, I'm married, we also have a cat and a dog. We are just beginning our journey toward building a self-sufficient homestead. And I was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

(7) I found BYC through Google recommended pages in February looking for information on raising chickens, I've been lurking without an account since but just recently decided to make an account as I have questions I've not found answers to and after quitting Facebook to find more people I have things in common with and everything I've read so far tells me this is a great community.

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