Hi, I'm new and living in Sacramento-area, CA


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
We are seriously considering getting some chickens but we have a rather small backyard and neighbors on either side so I have tons of questions, starting with if this would even be possible.
Thanks everyone!
Hi &
I think you need to check your city ordinances and laws on keeping poultry. Many cities allow it but with limits and restrictions. Also might want to find out if your neighbors would be ok. If your city allows but your neighbors complain they could make it miserable for you. If you find you can get some hens, check out the Learning Center on this site as, it will give you lots of great information to get you started. Good luck!
Hello from Oregon & welcome to BYC. Check with your city & if allowed get set up with a coop & fenced run - you dont want them to visit your neighbors lol. You can get coop info on here or check your local feed store. Welcome to the world of chickens & fresh eggs. You will never want to buy eggs from the store again :)
from Modesto, for sure check with your city's laws/ordinances regarding chickens 1st. I don't have to make nice with my neighbors since one grows a "cash crop" and the others are renters with the two most annoying dogs on the planet. Good luck.

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