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Hi ...I'm new and still looking at snow in North Michigan

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by fifelakelooper, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. fifelakelooper

    fifelakelooper Songster

    Apr 9, 2009
    fife lake, mi.
    Hi ! I have 5 Buff Orpingtons and will be getting welsummers, wyandottes,cukoo maran,and blue cochin the end of the month...shipped. I sure hope it is warmer then so the chicks arrive ok. I am keeping the chicks separte from the hens and I guess i will sell my 2yr old.hens when the chicks are 5months old. My big coop is 8X9 and won't hold the 11 I will have total. I have a question....would a adult hen and rooster be ok together in a small 3x3 coop for 3 winter months totally enclosed? (too cold for them to go out) We may be gone for 3 months next winter and I have a small, nice coop from the U.K that I was planning to take to a friends for the months I would be gone and have her care for the Welsummer rooster and hen. The rest I will have to sell I guess. I am worried the rooster would be too rough on just the one hen?? What do you think?[​IMG]


    FLOWERPOT Songster

    Mar 13, 2008
    Southern Indiana
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2009
  3. b.hromada

    b.hromada Flock Mistress

    I'd just like to say [​IMG] and [​IMG] from S. Florida. Someone on here can give you advice. I'm pretty new. Just give it a little while, and you will have your answers.
  4. gumpsgirl

    gumpsgirl Crowing Premium Member

    Mar 25, 2008
    Hello and welcome! [​IMG]
  5. B. Saffles Farms

    B. Saffles Farms Mr. Yappy Chickenizer

    Nov 23, 2008
    Madisonville, TN
    They should be fine in a 3x3 coop. Just keep a check that the roo doesnt get to hard on the hen.
    [​IMG] from TN
  6. Heidi

    Heidi Songster

    Mar 18, 2007
    Northwest Michigan
    I've noticed my roosters aren't as randy in the winter months, but those are mine. As for the 3 x 3 area.... it's a bit small, but if it's cleaned regularly I would think it fine for 2 chickens. Maybe a few more Michiganders will let you know how their roosters are in the winter as well. Welcome to BYC.
  7. briana1975

    briana1975 Songster

    Feb 23, 2009
    Carleton Mi.
    [​IMG] from south east Mishigan. No snow here.[​IMG]

  8. Chicken Fruit

    Chicken Fruit Songster

    Feb 25, 2009
    Echo Homestead
    I had 25 chicks shipped from NM to upstate NY at the end of FEB- it was in the teens for their journey. I didnt lose a single one.

    They should stick packing peanuts in your order to keep them warm. They'll be fine.

    Good luck and welcome.
  9. michelle1017

    michelle1017 Goat Mama

    Aug 21, 2008
  10. HarlansHollowFarms

    HarlansHollowFarms bana-bhuidseach anns gára

    Jan 16, 2009
    [​IMG] from Montana

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