Hi! I'm new, and will have tons of questions about my flock!


Mar 5, 2018
East Coast - Jersey Shore
My Coop
My Coop
Hi! I have been avidly researching chickens & their care for about 2 years & read many threads on BYC, which has helped me make the decision to get chickens! I want to undertake having chickens - correctly, safely, and wisely - and wouldn’t ever want to harm the chickens – due to my own lack of knowledge or ignorance… and BYC always seems to have good, balanced, insightful answers... so I'm happy to be here!

Yesterday, I finally made the decision, & put a deposit down & have a coop built by a local farmer & will get the coop & 6 pullets in about 3 weeks!

I researched friendly, good with children, hearty, good laying breeds & have narrowed it down to the New Hampshire Reds, Buff Orpingtons and Black Austrolorps. I think I’ll begin my flock with already started - 8-12 week old pullets… because it seems that raising baby chicks is a whole other thing… but I will try that later hopefully!

Me... I home schooled; love my veggie & perrenial gardens; have had horses for 25 years… but board them out (not kept on my property). Had Guinea Pigs for the kids for the past 20+ years; 2 indoor cats, and 2 Border Collies... (one’s my daughters). I love to cook, and especially enjoy making my own saurkraut, yogurt, Limoncello and Mmm especially Kombucha! I play a wild, Irish fiddle & give lessons, and have a VERY amiable, understanding and indulgent husband!


6 Years
Aug 6, 2014
Welcome aboard to BYC family gr8 people tons of information loads of fun enjoy shake your tail feathers

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