hi! I'm new I have been raising chickens for about 20 years


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Mar 17, 2018
I stumbled on this blog by looking for an incubator. I saw a post about feeding chickens raw rice. I wanted to respond by saying that I work with a very nice person who told me that in china where she grew up the chickens eat rice all the time and encouraged me to feed mine rice. I think I raise chickens for eggs but the truth is I love watching their antics and I rarely gather the eggs fast enough.
I am learning to grow fodder for them and they are learning to eat rice :) I have 27 hens and one rooster I have no idea what kind they are. They are red in color and lay brown eggs that is the extent of my knowledge.. that may seem sad to some of you but it doesn't matter their heritage to me at this time in my life. We are currently homeschooling and thought it might be fun to try to hatch some of the eggs

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