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    Hi Everyone,
    Im new to the chicken forum. Learning about chickens the hard way. I purchased 12 chicks at a livestock auction in April. 9 ended up being roosters. (3 out of 12 isn't bad...LOL) Neighbors are not happy. I was able to find someone to take the roos and just yesterday "adopted" 1 silkie, 1 polish and 1 buff orphington. Sweet chickens. There were some troubles this AM with the other 3 hens "welcoming" the new ones so I seperated them. Any advice on how I can make this transition easier for the new chickens? I dont want them to get hurt!
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    You may need to keep your new chickens seperated for a while so they can get to know each other. Did you quarantine your new birds? Are they younger than your original birds?

    New birds from an outside flock are usually quarantined for 3-4 weeks to make sure they aren't carrying any illnesses with them. Then they are kept kept next door to, or allowed to free range near, the original flock. That helps everyone get to know each other. But there will still be some fights as pecking order is established. Watch out to make sure everyone gets to the feed & water. Maybe even set up a second set of feed & water sites 'just in case'.

    If the new birds are way younger than the others you might need to wait and let them mature a little before you combine everyone.
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    [​IMG] from Ky!
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    Welcome from Mississippi!
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    Hi there from California
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