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Aug 13, 2013
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Hey Y'all! I'm new here and haven't had chickens since I was a little bitty kid. I have 3 pullets- one black copper maran, one blue maran and one buff and blue x. My buff and my black maran should be laying soon...my blue isn't quite there yet.

I also have 3 Americauna chicks still in a brooder box inside the house. They're like pre-teens now, driving me nuts, but not yet able to hang out with the big kids.

In addition to the chicken craziness, we have 2 dogs- my beautiful boy Luke, a blue merle Australian Shepherd, my hubbys annoying little Chihuahua, Penelope; 2 guinea pigs, Rupert and Fat Hendrie, and Speedy the Beta fish.

I am married with 2 kids I birthed, 4 and 14, guardians of another kiddo, 3, and extra mom to a whole slew of other people's kids. We live in a chicken-unfriendly area, however our backyard is in a chicken friendly county! Yippee for me, my birds are residents of a chicken friendly county, whereas my house and front yard is not. I work part time (for a few more days at least) and homeschool my kiddos. Yep, I'm THAT crazy lady.
Welcome to BYC
You are in a non-chicken zoned area and your hens are in a chicken zoned area? How on earth did you pull that off? I love it!
my friend had a visit by code enforcement today and she has to get rid of her girls. I'm sad for her. apparently, there was some neighbor drama. Geez. Has me a little concerned for my girls. I guess I need to ply my neighbors with fresh eggs and cakes made from said fresh eggs for a while. Just in case...even though my chickens live in a different county, who wants to fight that fight if they don't have to? Gwinnett county is so chicken unfriendly :(

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