hi my name is pefferlawchicken and im a candeling addict


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Feb 22, 2009
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i have a problem .... im just so excited i candel my eggs every day
am i bad?


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The problem with candling too often is that every time you open the incubator, you lose humidity and every time you handle the eggs you risk introducing bacteria into the incubator.
You may be able to candle them without picking them up, but that entails keeping the incubator open, so it is a trade off.

There are also some questions about whether keeping a very strong light on a developing embryo for extended time could damage their vision.
I dont know if that is true.

Anyway, I would recommend avoiding excessive candling even though it is really fun.

Just put down the flashlight and back away from the incubator.


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I ONLY candle my eggs at day 18 when the turner comes out and the eggs go into the carton for hatching.

I have found that less handling of the eggs gives one a much better hatch rate.

I candle as quickly as I can and back into the bator they go.

I leave the chicks in for no more than 36 hours and no less than 24.

The egg carton method allows one to keep the bator closed without the problem of the newly hatched breaking or moving the other eggs.

They zip a lot faster and it really is much less time consuming and less of a hassle to do it this way.

Trouble is you lose a lot of fun an entertainment, but I have done this enough times now that all I really want is a nice hatch out.

In the old days they used to make bators with on board candling.
Now it is just too expensive.

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