HI! Need help in California!


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Hi there. Been on the site many times lurking and reading over the last few months. There is such a wealth of information.

We are new chicken owners and loving it. This morning however I woke up to discover that one of my sweet little chicks is a HE. My daughter hasn't woken up yet but is going to be devastated. We live in an area where we can't have roosters, so how do I go about finding him a home and quickly?

He's a beautiful and kind 3 month old Buff Orpington (I think, will try and get a picture on here soon).

I am more than willing to drive him to get him somewhere where he can be happy and free to crow and cruise around.

Please help, I'm in a panic!
Hello and welcome to BYC
Hope you find a good home for your roo.
Hi and welcome. I hope you find a home for him. Your daughter will be upset but i am sure she will understand. Good luck.
what part of California? you can post him on here. Craigslist as well but beware many people are looking for a free meal.
I just offed 2 roosters yesterday to a couple who lost there rooster to a predator. they took both of mine because they where brothers. seems like if you are in a rural area you will have better luck on Craigslist. Good luck.

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