Hi there everyone! Staten Island, NY here!

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Hey! I found this site and am so happy that I did. I have been wanting chickens for so long but I have been too chicken. HAHAHA. Wishing that one day, my Husband and I will take the plunge and enjoy it!
LOL... Thanks! I have to gain more knowledge to get past me being a chicken first. I am working on it. It doesn't help that I just read two posts about mites and maggots! I hope the poor chicken with the maggots can get better but what the heck does one do about friggin maggots?

Ok, my instinct would be to call a vet, quarantine the poor bird, try to wash off the area and then drench the area with Colloidal Silver and keep the area clean. Would that be a good instinct to work with? If not, then maybe I am not ready and I need to read up on their illnesses and stuff like that. I would not want my lack of knowledge to be the cause of a chicken suffering.
I don't think maggots are that common a problem - they occur when a chick has an unattended injury. Flies lay eggs in opened flesh and then the maggots hatch . If injuries are cared for, washed out with saline, treated with neosporine ??? depending on what kind of injury /where it's located, and the bird kept inside till it heals enough to rejoin the flock.And maggots and flies are NO problem in cold weather

And when chickens are out in the flock using blu kote on the sore can help keep the other birds from pecking at it. Chickens are drawn to the color red. It's usually best not to read up on the emergency/ diseases, injuries until you really need the knowledge. Imagination runs wild and it's easy to think disaster is in every sneeze or yawn.

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