Hi there from DeBary, Florida!

Nimby Chickens

9 Years
Oct 20, 2010
Central FL
I have always wanted chickens and my fiancee and I are closing on our first house on November 29th! It has a nice big yard, a honey bee hive (they just moved in under the shed for some reason, and as a gardener I am simply delighted to have them! I just hope all my cross-polinated plants turn out deliciously!

Right now I live in an apartment in Sanford, and I can't wait to get my own house. So excited! The house itself is in DeBary, Florida, just a stone's throw away. I am having trouble finding out if I CAN keep chickens as pets inside city limits, but hopefully the answer is yes! I know someone on this board lives in DeBary and sells chickens, so that's a good sign. My property has no HOA and sits on half an acre, but is zoned residentially!

I'd like to get a bunch of easter egger pullets since I am just starting out and I want pets who lay eggs! I'm a vegetarian, lol. I want to build an awesome, adorable chicken coop!

Anyway, that's it, any advice would be great. My name is Lana, nice to meet you all!

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