Hi there from Missouri!


10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
West Plains
Hi all, I'm new here... I'm 26 with 2 pugs, 1 cat, 1 blue crowned conure, and 2 Silkie Chickens, oh yeah, and a husband too.

I grew up in California and moved to Missouri when I was 16 (yeah, from CA to MO, crazy I know!) and we have always had chickens in our backyard ever since I can remember.
I've always loved chickens; if I had to pick my favorites, I'd say probably Silkies, Brahmas, and Cochins...
So a couple months ago, I ordered 3 blue silkie eggs from ebay of all places. It was an awesome experience to hatch my own chickies from eggs...
I made the incubator myself; I was only half convinced it would actually work!

To my delight, 2 of the eggs hatched right on time!

I had candled them and the third never developed at all, so maybe it wasn't fertile...
But anyway, I have two beautiful babies that are doing great! I haven't named them yet because I'd really like to know if they're male or female first... I know they're pretty young (about 2 months old), but I thought I'd share a pic to see what your opinions were... The gray one looks more like a male to me and the black one looks like a female. What do you think?


and a side view, because it's so stinkin' hard to get chickens to look at you when you're trying to take a picture!

Thanks guys! I look forward to hearing from you!
from WI. Cute chickens but I think you may have to wait a little longer to be sure. Post pics in the "What Breed/Gender...." section....you should get some good responses there!

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