Hi! We are brand new to chickens, just moved our first 4 into their new coop.


Apr 18, 2014
We originally got 4 day old pullets from our local farm store for our neighbor to raise for us. They ended up getting too many, so we repurposed a big shelf into a now coop in a sorta hurry. Still have to work on the chicken garden ( run), but they are only 3 weeks today, so will be staying in the coop anyway. We have 2 more chicks coming from the neighbors, but they still need the warmer, inside coop. Because they are still little, I am checking on them a lot to make sure they are warm enough.
Do you have a special heat lamp or a good little blanket they could snuggle in? I prefer a heat lamp. Do not let them get to cold, one of my chicks died on the second night of getting him because the heat lamp went out. I think it's good that you keep on checking on them. Maybe give them a little place they could all snuggle up in? Like a card board box? I never really tried that before but chicks love cuddling with eachother and if you can get something that could insulate their heat and give it back to them would be nice. Extra hay,bedding,an old t-shirt. It's better than nothing. Good luck!
hello .....not sure how warm it is In your part of Oregon .....if your chicks are only 4 days old you need to put them under a light ...
I would keep them confined ...so they will stay warm ...and dry .....
Sorry, they are 3 weeks old today. We got 4 of them at 1 day old. They have a black light on them in the corner, and are cuddling together. The thermometer about a foot away says 55 degrees, but it is warmer under the light. There is also a bunch of paper shreds they can burrow in, and a towel keeping the shreds where they are. I will post pics as soon as I can.
Once it was a actually really cold night where I live, in Florida, and I just got a big tub and put some of their bedding on it and one by one I put them in there and brought them inside for the night in a room away from my cat. I also put food and water in their once they were settled. Here's a picture of them. If you want to see more , click my account name,ocegra them go to my album, all of my chickens. I let them out when the sun came out because it became hot really fast outside so they were fine. I don't know if where you live it does that but if not maybe set up an area for them inside until it gets warmer.
Actually most people don't put the chicks out in the coop until they are full feathered out. Days old would start with heat lamp and temps of 95 degrees in the brooder, lowering it by 5 degrees each week. so 55 is really cold for young chicks. If they are huddled together that means they are cold. When they are too warm they lay far apart.

This is what they look like right now. They are under a black light rather than a heat bulb, but I could probably borrow a heat bulb from the neighbors if y'all think it's necessary.
I think that will be good. This is what mine looks like. It has to be kind of close to them. Just if your neighbors have a light it would be worth a try.
this is one of their first pictures so they weren't used to me yet so they were all running.
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I put the short roost log under the light and pushed bedding around it so they were closer to it. Went out at 7am and they looked happy. All of them got up and ate and are moving around away from the heated area

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