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Jun 12, 2020
Hey hi hello!

I’m Megan and I live with my grandparents in SW MO. We have quite a few animals in addition to our flock: 2 cats (Willow and Scutter), a miniature donkey (Nestor) and a goat (Hoolio, Nestor’s trusty sidekick).
About the flock:
We’ve had chickens longer than I’ve been alive (I’ll turn 30 next week!). My grandparents used to raise Silkie bantams and my grandmother loves chicken decor...seriously, it’s everywhere. ;)

Right now, we have 7 chickens total:
1 sex link hen, we call her Big Mama
4 bantams (2 hens/2 roosters, the brothers get along just fine), Ruby, Ginger, King and Prince

2 2-month old bantams (1 rooster and 1 hen), Pixel and Ajax (I’m a web developer)

10 new day-old bantam chicks on the way (4 silkies, 4 Cochins and 2 Mille flours) for my birthday

I love having a small (soon to grow) flock because you can have relationships with each of them and see their personalities grow and have really close bonds with them. I love how their memories are so powerful and they can form different bonds with different people (and pets). It’s awesome.

About us:
I am a part-time web developer for our local University. I love what I do and the people I work with. I am very active at my church where I attend with my parents, I’m the Social Media Director, Children’s Church Director, Assistant Youth Director, Assistant VBS Director and Tech Director...its a small church.

I’ve lived with my grandparents since I was 9 and I choose to live here to help them with the house and the animals. They’re both retired, my grandma, Connie, was a Secretary for a local elementary school for nearly 30 years and my grandpa, Ed, was a woodworking furniture maker for nearly 50 years. My grandpa has a stroke in August 2018 so my grandma and I have had to step up to do more around our little ‘farmette’ as we call it. He was also diagnosed with lung cancer last year, so life has become very different for him in a short amount of time.
We have a handful of animals as I mentioned, they all get along really well. In fact, my cat, Scutter really enjoys Pixel and Ajax and lets them sleep in his thick fur...Willow not so much, she’s too afraid of them.

I decided it was time to join Backyard Chickens because I was always finding myself here to read up on different things in preparation for the new babies to arrive (they’ll be my first chicks) and get new coop ideas for when they get big enough as well (gotta start now so it’s ready in plenty of time). I typically just start my search at BYC and find my answers much faster anyway, so figured I might as well join.

That’s all about us and our little corner of the world, I’m happy to be here and look forward to getting to know fellow chickie parents. :)

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