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Just wanted to say hi, four days ago I didn't know much about chickens, except how to cook them. My son was on the phone with a cousin, and turned and ask me if I wanted to go in halfer's with him on some chickens. I said," sure I have nothing else to do". lol That evening the backyard had all my cat kennels full of chickens. Boy, we got busy building pens.
We have 2 Black Rocks, 2 white rocks, 1 comet, 1 Partridge Wyandotte, and a gray chicken, breed not known. And Dominque(sp) rooster. We have another white rock coming tomarrow.
They are all healthy and laying good. I have named each one of them. I didn't know that there was so much to learn. And how much fun they can be.
We are homeschoolers, and man what a lesson!


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Hey, I am new here too, I live in NW GA. too, and I homeschool too, (forever,like 25 years on the last one , last year now) only I am getting ducks and geese soon. I used to have chickens and geese. Now I have 3 horses, a donkey, and waterfowl on the way ,(oh and the cats).
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Mar 11, 2009
Hello, Chicken Folks-

I am Alexandra in MA. I live in northern central Mass. with a dog, a cat, two ferrets (My name is a familiar one on some ferret boards) and a small flock.

I got them all (the chickens) last fall and they are laying their little hearts out, bless them. There is the rooster, Three Bucks (that's what we paid for him). We have the "smart chicken", Tina the barred rock. There is her erstwhile companion, Buff (an Orpington.) There is a red star, who is the rooster's favourite hen. I also have two white leghorns, who both appear to have serious mental issues, but lay beautiful little white pointy eggs. One of the psycho leghorns is broody, something I am told is unusual. The leghorns and the red star all run together, usually following the rooster around. Tina and Buff, though, hang together.

I *love* my little flock. I am in daily contact with it, and I so enjoy watching the drama. It is the best soap opera in the world! My neighbours enjoy seeing my little flock wander about, they are very kind to them.

I am in awe of the little pile of eggs that I find daily. What a miracle! I will never take a simple egg for granted, not ever again. We have a window set into the side of our coop, and though I have watched a thousand times, I have never seen a hen lay one. They just sit there and give me this look like"PLEEEEASE! Some privacy here!"

I am grateful to have found this forum while I was chicken surfing on the internet, trying to educate myself more.

Alexandra in MA

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