Hi ya'll! I'm new to BYC and love all the chick info! From WV.

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  1. Hi every one! My name is Kim and I live in St.George, WV. We have 14 chickens of all types. My daugter, Amanda, and I love mixing and matching our chickens to see the different kinds we come up with. We didn't have much luck hatching last year but did end up with a few hens. We mostly had roosters. We would like to increase our brood to about 24 or so, so we can sell our eggs. Right now we just give them away to family. We love watching our chickens! They are so fun to watch! We have two roosters right now, a beautiful dominic that we raised from a chick and another mixed one who's mother had fluffy feathers on top her head and the father was a rhode island red. He's a little skinny but is very unique. He has the fluffy feathers on his head and a double comb. We are anxious to see what kind of babies we get this year! It is like a soap opera to watch them. Our dominick rooster, "Nick", is a little older than our other rooster, "Bobby", and he is definately the dominant male right now. He's constantly having to chase Bobby away from the girls! Poor Bobby! We are in the process of trying to find Bobby some girls of his own. We also have 2 dogs, 2 bunnies, 4 cats and a hermit crab! We are going to maybe try to get some goats this year if we can find the time to make them a shelter. We have almost 30 acres of land. We need to redo the fence so we can someday get some cattle. One thing at a time. We've lived here for about six years. We have three children. We love BYC and have found it to be very informative! I recomend it to my other chicken lovers. Our chickens are our pets. People ask us why we don't butcher them and I tell them that we don't have the heart to. Although we do have a couple of farm friends from church who do take our extra roosters to butcher but we don't have the heart to do it. But we would if we ever had to. Hopefully we won't have to. My daughter loves to play with the chicks and get them tame. Last year she had them so tame they would even do "tricks" for her. All our chickens are pretty tame. They come running to us when they see us coming. We did have a rooster one time that flogged my daughter, he didn't last long. The two we have now, we raised ourselves and they are very tame. I'm looking forward to many interesting conversations and helpful topics on BYC!!
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    Russia, NY
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    From Ga!
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    Welcome. So glad you are here.
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    [​IMG] from TN
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    Welcome from Indiana. My family is from Glasgow, WV!
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    [​IMG], Kim!

    Glad to have you here! [​IMG]
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    Hi Kim, I'm just over the mountains in Randolph Co.! [​IMG]
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    Welcome! [​IMG]
    -Grace from OK

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