Hi Y'all.


Jun 19, 2017
Hello to my favorite community of chicken lovers!
I'm very excited that I finally convinced myself to get an account, and stop stalking- as I have been doing for over five years.
I currently have a small flock, miniscule to what the majority of you have- 15 Seramas, a few layers, and some roaming Silkies.
Being from Florida, we've encountered some of the strangest obstacles when raising our flock, but here we are today- alive and the house isn't currently littered with feathers from the cockerels' latest house party when we unwittingly left the house unguarded on a recent date night.
Unless they stuffed them under the couch. :p

My humor needs to be upgraded. ;)

Well, I just wanted to thank y'all for giving me so many answers over the years! :D

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