RIR chicks

Sep 28, 2020
I’m new here. I am getting Rhode Island Red chicks soon. Me and my family are raising them for eggs. I love to red. Due to COVID I’m doing online school, because of this I have so much extra time so I convinced my parents to get chickens. I’m a Hoosier if you don’t know what that is Google it. I have a dog who is part beagle part lab. I think he would eat our chickens Please give me advice I’m a new chicken owner and I need advice.


Apr 14, 2015
Welcome!! we have a lab mix who protects all our chicks/ hens. We also have a maltese mix B!@ch who would chase them every chance she gets. My point is--you might be lucky and have a protector dog. Take it slow, observe carefully over a week or so--you will be able to tell.

RIR chicks

Sep 28, 2020
Welcome!!! Never trust dogs is my warning...they can kill easily. Also, you would need a coop made of wire mesh, not chicken wire.
Okay, I would never trust my dog with chickens, we used to have a rabbit who escaped and got eaten by a cat my dog used to bark at the rabbit named Peter. RIP Peter:hit. He wasn’t even a year old:bun.

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Apr 25, 2020
Madison Co, NC
Welcome to our flock :jumpy !

YOU are a lucky person! Are you starting with chicks? They will be your responsibility?

My advice is to HAVE A PLAN.
Know where these birds are going to live when they move out of your house, and have it ready before you think you’ll need it.

Can you visit other folks with chickens to get an idea of what the daily management looks like. Maybe have a mentor? Field trip!

And you love to read? You’re in the right place.

Good luck. And remember, you can always find advice on BYC!

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