9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
United Kingdom Suffolk
Hello, thought I would join and introduce myself, as your site and members have given me so much help in recent months.

I am addicted to chickens and hatching!

I have 4 Silver laced wyandottes (two of those are tag team broodies)
3 rhode island reds,
1 cream crested legbar
2 buff orpington chicks (one male and one female)
5 barred rock chicks
1 polish frizzle chick
8 salmon faverolle chicks
3 white orpington chicks (currenty pink, blue and green)
3 unknown breed.

I also have 6 gold laced polish, 6 white maran, 6 buff orpington cross RIR and 5 unknown in the incubator!

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