hidden eggs..... :(


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Nov 1, 2009
one little sneaky hen is hiding her stash.


We discovered her first stash which was 4 eggs and removed them, the other day we found this one. I have been leaving them locked into their coop and run until I feel I have all the eggs, they are so ticked off at me!
I am not sure how to stop this behavior of the egg hiding. I feel badly that I have not let them free range until late in the day now. But I still think one of them is holding her egg in and running to a new spot. we have only gotten 2-3 eggs each day and we have 5 layers at the moment and one is definitely my newest layer the SL wyandotte. any thoughts on what to do? Thank you!!
You are doing exactly what you should be. Grounding them until they learn to use the right place for laying is necessary so you don't have to have an egg hunt every day. I once found a nest of 17 eggs hidden in my forest. I am lucky that a pest or predator didn't find them first. Hidden eggs will attract unsavory animals.

Good luck.

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