Hidden Rooster: pullet or roo?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by HotChick27, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Jun 4, 2013
    Hi so I have had three barred rocks in the mix of my flock for a few years now. My eggs have for the past year has these weird brown spots in them. So I researched it and the explanations all led to that my hens were getting old, which didn't make sense to me since they were still in their prime. I recently just integrated 24 new chicks into my flock of 12 and walked out this morning to a somewhat little crow from a BARRED ROCK in my flock.

    The peculiar thing is that the barred rock that crowed has been in my flock for many years now, which leads me to think that he's the reason for the brown spots and has just kept quiet until now.

    I'm going to post pictures of him when I get home, it would be a great help if you could confirm his gender ( he does have a more prominent wattle and comb, but his tail feathers look like my other barred rock pullets, so that's where it gets confusing)

    Thanks:) so much!!!!!:)
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    Since the chicken has been in your flock for many years, I think it's likely to be an older hen with some hormonal issues. Photos will help. :)
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    Brown spots IN the eggs--like blood spots? That's an issue with the hen and has nothing to do with exposure to a rooster.
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  4. appps

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    Hens will crow, it's rare and normally an older hen. Far rarer though is a rooster that has managed to hide it's existence by not crowing or mating for a couple years ;-). That is a one in a million :)

    Those brown spots are pretty common, I get them in my eggs from my rooster less flock and I get them in store bought eggs when my hens aren't laying. I just scoop them out with a teaspoon, my hubby ignores and eats spot and all.
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    A rooster doesn't cause brown spots in eggs.

    If you'd had a rooster for a year, you'd know. They look very different than hens.

    I agree with the above, you have a hen with hormonal issues or ovarian damage. You may want to go ahead and cull her as she may not be a productive layer, and the crowing can be an issue.

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