Hiding Broody - day 21

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    Aug 2, 2015
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    Hi all! My hen has gone broody and is on the 22nd day of sitting on her clutch. I thought at first I had lost her a few weeks ago, But she came back and left again. Finally I did find her spot where her nest is. The problem is I can't reach it!!! It's under my house where my dogs had dug a hole. It's actually a brilliant spot for her to have picked - totally safe in the fenced in yard with 3 dogs on watch. On sand, and in FL so low temps in upper 60's in Dec. Since I didn't find her til close to a week in, I let her alone. Now it's morning of day 22 and I realize what the heck! I can't see anything, cant reach. I don't have a selfie stick but last week put my arm as far in as I could and did get her on video, so she's there with her eggs for sure. I can take a shovel and really work at it (potentially stressing her out) but that's the only way I can get my arm in there to move her, help, take bad eggs out, etc. This is her first clutch. How long do I wait til I get the shovel??!!
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    I would wait her out, put food and water a few feet outside the opening and when her and the chicks come out block off the opening.

    Good luck

    Gary from Idyllwild Ca here
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    I second Gary's good wishes. However, remember that dry sand is not a very good nest material.

    Your hen's nursery is likely too dry to hatch many if any eggs.

    I am also concerned about the method that you're using to figure the days.

    Remember, if a hen begins setting on the first day of the month that 21 days has not elapsed until the 22nd of that month.

    Incubation is figured in elapsed time, not mathematical time.

    Once more, Good Luck.

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