Hiding my Power: Escape from the Palace of Pain. Fantasy and mystery book


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Chapter 1​

I am Aurora and right now I am sitting in a police office as the police question me, “How did this happen?” They ask. I remain silent to protect myself as I replay how I got her in my head, it feels as if it's happening all over again.
It all starts when I wake up in a strange room, it looks like the room of a palace. It has a big bed with fancy patterns on it, A large window covered by fancy curtains, I wonder if this was a dream so I pinch myself.
“OW!” I yell. This is not my room! I think as I look around the room again, my eyes stop at a large, white, fancy wardrobe, astonished by it's beauty I get out of the bed and walk over to it, I intend to open it, but then I stop and freeze. I think I was kidnapped! I think, I heard a gasp escape my mouth and then almost a scream. Don't Panic! I tell my self in my head so I don't scream. Come up with a plan. It doesn't take me that long, I am just about to go over to the window to see how high up I am, when I hear footsteps, I run to my door and lock it, even though I am pretty sure my kidnapper has a set of keys. The footsteps stop by my door and I run under the bed. The person that is by my door tries to open it and then I hear keys clinking and the lock click. When the person walks in I try to hold my breath, because I am almost positive this person is my kidnapper
“ Aurora were are you? ” I hear a voice say it was a woman's voice. This Person knows my name! I think and hold back a yelp. As I knew would happen, I can't hold my breath any more. I'll suffocate before I let this person find me! I almost say, but I settle for just thinking it. I think I can hold my breath just a little bit longer, but my body forces me to take a breath and it was loud! “A ha!” the person says, “You haven't left the room. Come on I won't bite. ” I will! I think. My face turns bright red with anger, but it cools down and turns pale from fear. No matter how much I try to stop it, I scream, a loud enough scream a scream that sounds like a dying cow and is loud enough to hurt my own ears, and probably everyone else in this house's. I begin to regret my obvious hiding place. I hear more footsteps getting closer and closer and they stop right next to the bed, I know the person's that close because I hear the blanket rustling. I see a head poke out from under the blanket. I crawl out from under the bed and try to run, not a good idea, I don't get a chance to run very far, the lady who is chasing me gets me trapped against a wall.
“Aurora I'm not gonna hurt you!” She says. I grunt. Ya like I believe that! I think. I just sit frozen for a little without answering her it irritates her so much that her face starts turning pink,but instead of yelling she just repeats herself, “Aurora I'm not gonna hurt you!”
I grunt again and then answer,“ Why should I believe you? I don't even know you! You kidnapped me! ”
“ Do you even see this room? It's beautiful! Aurora...” Stop saying my name! I think. I gulp, because the very thought of her knowing my name scares me.
I am going to tell her to stop saying my name, but I am just to curious,“ How on earth do you know my name?”
“ It was in the files. Aurora...” My face turns red hot with anger again, but this time it stays red.
“STOP...SAYING...MY... NAME!” I say getting ready to explode. Maybe I can kick her! I think. I try, but she dodges it.
“ I'm not the one who kidnap you. I came here to rescue you. Just... Calm down.” I almost fall for it, but then I realize, She had the key to my room. I could just assumed that she stole it, but I don't... for some unknown reason, maybe just luck.
“You had the keys to the room.” I say, “Even if you aren't the kidnapper, you are working with them. Other wise you would have told me this new news earlier.” As my suspicious rises I see her expression change. She starts smiling. “ You're right, it was worth a try... Just come eat breakfast, the others are waiting.
I won't hurt you I promise.” I look up at her, I can't tell if she's telling the truth, but I chose to believe her.
“ Okay, say you are telling the truth, what makes you think I'm hungry?” I ask, but before she can answer me I smell crapes and hot chocolate, I push the lady out of the way and run toward the smell. I run down the hall and take a right into a dining room. I look around the table, there is like a hundred people there. All the seats taken, I should have come sooner... I think. The woman comes in after me, she is panting so fast I thinks she might pass out, she must have been chasing me.
“I...” she say, then takes another breath, “got...” (another breath) “Aurora.”
I feel kind of bad that I made her pant so much, but then I remember she kidnapped me.
“Good job Caroline!” I hear a woman's voice say. She looks very pretty, she has royal blue eyes, like me, and strawberry blonde hair.
“Thank you Nina, it wasn't easy.” I feel some pride when she says that I didn't make it easy and manage a small smile.
“What did she do?” The woman asks.
“Ran, kicked, yelled, screamed. Should I continue?” she asks. I scoff.
“Let her continue for me.” Caroline, or at least the lady called her that, looks at me with a little tear in her eye. She looks like she is pitying me. I gulp.
“Ye...Yes mam...” She says. I look at the lady, she doesn't look mean, but Caroline acted like she was scared of her. I look at Caroline as that tear falls down her cheek. She looked at me again, this time I can tell she is pitying me. I gulp again, looked the lady Caroline is so afraid of, and opened my mouth. I quickly close it, but the way she looks at me reminds me of my mother, so I open my mouth again.


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