High Drama and 4 first eggs!

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    So yesterday the girls (6 hens) had jumped over the fence into the dog yard. My beloved walks down along the fence to watch them, of course this gets the dogs interested so off they go chasing the girls. 5 of them went back into their "run" but one of them went over the fence into the neighbors yard. Try as I might I couldn't coax her back over so I just left her there and figured either she would figure it out or the neighbors have a nice new BA to add to their flock.

    Went to do my chicken chores this morning, low and behold, I have six hens in the run. Yay! I go into the coop to clean their poop board and what do I find but 4 perfect little brown eggs! I had been planning to set up their nest boxes this weekend, even bought some decoy eggs last week. I really thought I had a few more weeks before they would start, I got them all around April 16th. Anyhoo, I went ahead and set up their nest boxes and put the decoy eggs in there. Hopefully they will figure it out and not continue laying on the poop board! Fortunately they laid in the corner where it was clean so the eggs were not too nasty.

    I have 2 Black Australorps, two Rhode Island Reds and two Brown Leghorns. I'm thinking 4 of them lay brown eggs and the leghorns white. So, of the four girls that lay brown eggs I'm thinking at least two of them are laying. It has been 4 days since I've been in the coop so one girl could have laid 4 days in a row which I think is doubtful when they are just starting out or a couple of them have started. They are all 40-45g eggs, good shells, uniform eggs.[​IMG]


    Fun times.
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