High Heat = less eggs?


11 Years
Sep 30, 2008
Its in the high 90's here lately and my girls who are about 6 months of age now have suddenly started giving me half the eggs. Are they to hot? I put a fan in the coop today. They are a little freaked out about it and not going into the coop yet. I hope they get over it soon.

They'll get used to the fan in a day or two. My roo was standing in front of a box fan yesterday, spreading his wings out and slowly turning around. It was hilarious!

Re: Nascar-how about that finish yesterday!!
Snuck that in there didntja. Ole Tony is still in the points lead. You have to smile anytime that Mark Martin wins.
I noticed that here to. I could not understand why our 3 would only produce 1 rarely 2 eggs per day when we were getting three a day. This went on for a while and now they are back to 3 per day "One from each" We went through a heat spell and for the past week or so its been a lot cooler.

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