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    Jun 27, 2015
    Hi guys!
    I've heard over and over to feed lower protein to laying hens. But any time I go to a regular layer feed, they peck at each other. I keep them on Country Feeds Gamebird - 28%. They are a year old, and in great shape - slender and happy. They eat double the amount if I try to give them layer feed. I give them free feed good quality oyster shell and grit, and add Thomas Labs Brewer's yeast and garlic powder, along with kelp and probios probiotics to their feed. They seem healthy and lay tons of hard shelled eggs. I was thinking that free range birds must get much more protein, so this kind of makes up for it? Just curious about others and whether they've found that a higher protein diet helps or hurts their layers.

    My girls are in a protected area, not free range, with about 35sq ft per bird in the run and about 5 squ ft per bird in the coop. All dirt, of course, due to the girls!
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Hi Brigabart: You might consider changing them to a 20% multi-flock feed. IMO, layer is the bare minimum to produce the desired result for laying birds: giving them enough protein, and providing enough calcium for them to lay eggs. An other thing you might consider is fermenting your feed. That gives them a healthy dose of pro-biotics, and breaks down the antinutrients in the grain so they can better utilize the protein in the feed. Many folks keep their flocks on multi-flock year round with good results. IMO, 28% is a bit too high, but... who am I to argue with what is working for you.

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